Gospel Story

The Taunt

After the guards had released Barabbas, they turned and grabbed the two the prisoners nearest them, dragging them to their feet and out the door. They avoided the crowd, who screamed all along, just a street away. When they reached the place of the skull, the sun had fully risen and begun its hot arc… Continue reading The Taunt

Gospel Story

Till Release

He sat, leaning against the stone wall, his backside cold against the stone floor.  The bindings on his wrists had worn through his skin in one spot.  He tried to relieve it by twisting slightly, but that only opened the skin on his other wrist.  Despite the chill, the rough linen of his robes clung… Continue reading Till Release

Gospel Story


Bartholomew held back.  The other eleven grabbed their robes and hurried on. He beheld the withered tree.  Contemplated the sere leaves, recently so full of green. One moment of anger.  One sinking heart after raising it too high. Bartholomew's hand slowly traced a new crack in the skin of the tree. Was the rabbi right? … Continue reading Fig