Gospel Story


Peter’s eyes narrowed.  He bit his upper lip.
The future told to him simply could not be.
His foot twitched.
“Yes, Peter.”
“I have– more questions– about what you said.”
“What more do you want to know.”
“My Lord, you know already what is on my mind.”
“Tell me in your words.”
“Shall we step away?”
“Lord, I have concerns about what you have said.”
Jesus waited.
“Because you said you would be killed.”
He nodded.
Peter faltered, “Killed?”
He nodded.  Once.
“But what about all that we are working for?  What about the healings?  What about the Kingdom here?”
“That will be your work to continue.”
“My Lord!  Without you, we can do nothing!”
Jesus turned away.

Mark 8:22-33 Morning Prayer

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